(Pod)Casting Potential Hosted By LuKeisha Carr

Led To Shine: How To Shed Light On Your Purpose! Part II

August 1, 2018

Ok! Beloved, now that you’ve Basked in the Light from How to Shed Light on Your Purpose Part I, It’s Your Time to move forward closer towards uncovering your purpose! In this episode, you’ll discover...

~~ why you may not yet be walking in your purpose ~~ what you can do to start doing so

~~ A useful formula to recognize what may have actually played a part in positioning you for purpose


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Reference to Standford research study:

Hess, A. (2018, June 26). Stanford researchers: 'Follow your passion' advice could make you less successful. Retrieved from https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/22/stanford-researchers-following-your-passion-makes-you-less-successful.html

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